Controller - ACU200  Two Door Access Controllers


The ACU200 controller is a complete 2-door access control system that is easy to install and maintain. The ACU200 supports both Wiegand and RS485 communications interface, and can be used with any combination of proximity, biometric and smartcard readers. The system is very flexible, and can be easily expanded from a single unit to full networking of up to 256 readers with RS485.

Key Features


Complete 2-door support

- With 8 alarm inputs and 6 control outputs
- Support industry standard Wiegand format or RS485 interface for Proximity, Biometric & Contactless smartcard (MIFARE) readers
- Multiple card formats
- Multiple site codes
- Multiple access groups (4 x 256)
- 64 weekly schedules, and 50 holidays
- 2,000 cardholders and 1,000 events, expandable to 20,000 cardholders


High-end integrated access control with intrusion functions

- Highly expandable from a standalone unit to full networking of up to 256 access control readers with RS485
- Standalone operation possible without PC
- Interface to advanced Windows based user-friendly GUI software (IBSS2000)


Easy to install and maintain
- Integrated power supply on board
- Plug-able connectors for easy termination and servicing
- Easy DIP switch settings


Multi-function TERMINAL port for easy diagnostics, local configuration and event printing capabilities

- RS232 port to any local computer including palmtop (Palm™) support
- Full database setup/configuration facilities
- Full fault diagnostics
- Online printing of events to any serial printer


Built-in protection against tampering and harsh environmental conditions

- Built-in varistor surge suppression and solid state electronic fuse protection, making fuse replacement a thing of the past
- Built-in lightning/surge protection circuits
- Supervised alarm input lines for open-circuit and short-circuit detection
- Mechanical switch for tamper protection


High-tech design for long term investment protection

- Flash memory design for easy controller software upgrades
- Options for modem and TCPIP interface
- Upgrade module for CPU memory expansion